The showroom


A typical lodge style living room where furnishings and decorative elements find their most natural environment. Samples of Siorpaes’ production are in a most suitable setting showing off their charm, originality and quality.


Marco Siorpaes’ showroom was created to welcome the customers and make them feel at home. One can see and touch first hand the showroom pieces, and have the opportunity to sit down and design the similar yet different home furnishing elements in the desired size and shape.


Customization is one of the distinct traits the company jealously protects to give the necessary support in craftsmanship value. Attention to detail and great openness are given from pre phase– onsite inspection, project design – as well as support during production or jobsite installation at every step. Onsite delivery for every product and even on-line purchasing from the virtual showroom are offered to everyone who wants to step in the artistic world of wrought iron.