At the beginning it was the bobsled


Siorpaes is a well-known name in competitive sports of Cortina D’Ampezzo, the “Queen of Dolomites” seeing that it has sent the greatest number of athletes to team Italy. 


Innsbruck, 1964 Winter Olympics: “Rosso Volante” (Red Driver) Eugenio Monti –today’s bobsled track in Cortina d’Ampezzo is named after him – won two bronze medals with teammate Sergio Siorpaes on the two-man bobsled and became famous for his distinguished act of sportsmanship.

Eugenio Monti was the first athlete in history to win the Pierre De Coubertin medal.

Wikipedia, the largest online encyclopedia states: “Realizing that British bobsledders Tony Nash and Robin Dixon had broken a bolt on their sled, Monti lent them the bolt from his own sled. The Brits won the Gold medal: Eugenio Monti and his breaker Sergio Siorpaes won the bronze medal. To answer the harsh criticism of the Italian press, Monti said «Nash did not win because I gave him the bolt. He won because he ran faster”.


A unique story among many other competitive and passionate sport stories that have given Italy national and international recognition and Cortina the fame and, finally the 2011 World Championship, to be held at the Eugenio Monti bob track, will give official recognition.


Sergio Siorpaes’ bond with the bobsled was strong since the very beginning and lasted even once the long competitive career was over. This is why he decided to put his knowledge into use during the 1960s founding a company specialized in bobsled manufacturing. His strength came from being the inventor and test driver of the coupling which divided the bobsled in two giving it greater maneuverability. Who experiences in first person the 130km/h speed thrill, easily reached by a bobsled with lateral accelerations five times the g-force, learns its deepest secrets. Therefore, during a thirty year period, the Siorpaes name became synonym in the world for quality, with 85% of the world market share.


Year 2000 was the turning point, a change of course. On one side the ever increasing bobsled market niche, on the other the desire to reinvent and literally reshape the experience. Like iron can be reshaped and become something different, Marco Siorpaes who had taken the head of the company for four years, decided to take a leap. He followed his creative and entrepreneurial instinct. He transformed the company that had manufactured bobsled into one specializing in the wrought iron, copper and brass works.